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  1. I have an EVGA 3080ti, latest stable version of Aida64 extreme, I've added GPU Memory to my sensor panel, but it's way off when comparing to CPUID, it seems to be exactly the same as the GPU2 temp - there's tons of temperature options under GPU, but it's very confusing over which to use. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I updated to the Beta version, and it seems to be working now !
  2. Hi there, I see GPU Memory in the sensor panel, but it is not accurate - any idea how to get this to work? I just downloaded the latest version. Thank you!
  3. Very nice! What would be the best way to get this to 480x800? Does every component have to be resized? Thanks,
  4. This one is awesome, was there a 480x800 version? EDIT: Figured out how to edit them, will post after I finish !
  5. This looks awesome, any way you could adapt for 480x800 and/or post the sensor file?
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