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  1. I'm sharing an Intel version of the templates made earlier in this topic by @antonio and @Lobo Blanco 1002 in 1920x480 - I know some people either couldn't find the template or had trouble with importing it and the size screwing up. I used @Lobo Blanco 1002 version, changed the font to GeForce (https://fontsfree.pro/brand-fonts/917-geforce.html), changed the text to English, Added Intel/Nvidia logos and moved a couple of things. I'm very new to Aida64 so I'm sorry if anyone has any issues using this! edit: change the download file to .sensorpanel 1578727296_2021-08-01new_sensorpanel.5a6863f5ee91a5a71e2a7946a0f2bd48
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