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  1. As I had a few things that would have made it easier to set up mine I decided to make a topic about this for anyone else to share their ideas. I hope this could influence development. Here we go! 1) As I added more and more sensors, the sensorpanel manager started getting cluttered. Maybe an option to add folders would be nice. 2) As seen below have a single graph with all CPU core clocks and usage%. To achieve this I had to make a line graph for every core's clock and usage% without background to make them all visible at the same time. A multi line graph feature would make this much easier (yes, this is part of why the sensor panel manager got cluttered lol) 3) As you can also see in this picture, there is no anti-aliasing in the line graph, that would make it look much cleaner! 4) I know there's an option for custom made gauges, but it would be nice if there were more options by default, perhaps ones shared in the community here? 5) Some features for basic shapes would be nice, rectangles and circles, filled or outlined. I know it's not graphic design software, but adding simple design elements would be so much easier this way
  2. The memory clock is always half of what's advertised because because it's Double Data Rate (DDR) to go to and from you CPU. They can advertise this doubled speed because of the double data rate. Some software may "correct" for this, task manager for example. I don't know if Aida 64 has this option
  3. I edited my previous sensor panel to include way more CPU data, but compromising the graph size. I added 2 more bar graphs and and line graph with all core clocks and usage % 71774630_SensorPanel.zip
  4. Here's mine, included all additional flies. Font is Avenir Next Demi Bold (Not sure if it works automatically)
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