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  1. WMI would be the way to do it I think. Where is this documented so I can look at how to hook into it? I'm a noob programmer but I can tinker with stuff. edit: nevermind I found it Root\WMI\AIDA64_SensorValues Time to go play
  2. Just renewed my AIDA64 extreme license for 3 years. Primarily all I use it to do is customize my Logitech G19 LCD display with the following statistics. (pic obviously taken a while ago) Here is what you need to do. You have a good platform for benchmark comparison, but you need a centralized database that will validate and compare bench tests. Look up CPUZ validator and work on copying that functionality. As a bonus, release some kind of api we can use with RainMeter to hook into AIDA64 for live desktop wallpapers... the clowns over at CoreTemp used to have one but they stopped developing it. Good software, Thanks
  3. Under CPUID it shows the Thermal Design Power as 4095.9W, and shows the Thermal Design Current as 4095.9A. Under CPU it shows 4095 as the Typical Power. TDP on Intels site is 130w. http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=47932 I would also like to know if there are plans for power consumption monitoring similar to what HWMonitor does? (HWMonitor currently doesn't show power consumption for the 980x either though) Thanks,
  4. I bought a license also (after pirating Everest for years!). Favorite feature is the G15 LCD integration. I have mine setup as a one stop see everything panel. Date Time Clock speed Free Ram GPU Temp and Utilization Core 0 Temp and Thread 0/1 Utilization Core 1 Temp and Thread 2/3 Utilization Core 2 Temp and Thread 4/5 Utilization Core 3 Temp and Thread 6/7 Utilization Core 4 Temp and Thread 8/9 Utilization Core 5 Temp and Thread 10/11 Utilization I compared the readings with Real Temp and they're great. Better than core temp Better than speed fan A definite must-buy utility for 20$
  5. Being able to publish information to perfmon would be great for people who use utilities like Rainmeter to build dynamic desktops.
  6. Are the values I see under Benchmark collected from users or are these just defaults that come as kind of a filler? If they're just filler, is there a way to update the filler with user submitted results? It would be great if there were a Validator type of repository similar to the one CPU-z has (see bottom), except for AIDA64 benchmarks/stress testing. If you could also integrate Linpack stress testing into the benchmarking this would be the only tool I would need. Such as: - Run the Linpack stress for 20 passes and add it to a system profile. - Run each of the benchmarks and add that to the system profile. - Submit system profile to central repository for comparison with other systems. ____________________________________
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