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  1. Can you put a booleen in the app to see if the device of choice has 3.5mm and an IR blaster? Also put a value to see if the device has USB-C, microUSB, or a propietery port. And put usb version.
  2. Why not support system apps in Android, like the launcher and oem stuff, as a collapsible in the app, but shows all in the txt.
  3. Samsung Smart TV runs tizen, so why not port it to smart tv?
  4. Please add a value under "Android Version" labeled "Dessert Name" that shows the dessert name of the current version of Android you are on. However, in Android 10 and up, it got removed, so here is the alternatives. Android 10 => Android Queen Cake - This royal name was the one Andy rubin would have picked if he didn't realize stupid Japan existed. Android 11 => Android Red Velvet Cake - This lovely name and all under were internal codenames used. Android 12 => Android Snow Cone
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