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  1. New Theme for 1024x600 and a new update. IntelBoldShadow_sensorpanel.60b49a6b4fd4dd94c71781d82f1b9e29 1870043820_IntelBoldShadowWheels_sensorpanel.49001fdf9aaef30b60f06a540449b85e
  2. id just about finished resizing the NZXT theme and setting it up for my own use then i came on here for a break and saw your adaptation and i liked the background the CPU core volts and network info. so thanks
  3. I've been a member for less than a week and i was looking for a program that would allow me to monitor my computer in real time and enable to have it setup on a raspberry pi screen i have. so after looking on youtube Aida64 caught my eye , i've heard of it before when i use to have a gaming pc but recently sold it earlier this year and got something more smaller and easier to manage. as i'm getting on now and my gaming days are behind me, apart from the odd one that takes my fancy now and again so looking through this forum i've seen a lot of nice themes and the NZXT theme i really liked but there isn't many with my screen resolution so i took some inspiration and made a version of the NZXT theme and adapted it for my use and resized it to 1024x600 and then i noticed Aayk Custom NZXT theme a few posts back and took some of his ideas and background so credit to him and the original creator of NZXT theme. so my first post is to give back, say hello and hope you like my first attempt at making a sensor panel. UPDATE , i've changed some fonts to Arial and the network icon now goes red when you unplug the network cable as well as the network arrows up and down activity. 1024x600 Hades Canyon Blue.sensorpanel
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