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  1. I'm still working on it. I'm using a iPad Pro 12.9" 1366x1024 as my screen. Still trying to figure out the best layout and format.
  2. I'm using Duet Display and it seems to work pretty good. What size panel do you us on it?
  3. Has anyone tried to use an iPad Pro 12.9 as display?
  4. I still have an long way to go, but hope to have done soon. Again thanks everyone for your post.
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forum and have been looking around on here for the past five days. I want to THANK EVERYONE on here for sharing and posting. I hope to post a Board Inspired sensor panel soon in a 1920x1080 format (I'm old and have bad eyes). I've downloaded a lot of panels and gauges, but I don't remember the the people that posted them (there are 155 pages). I'm truly sorry that I didn't take notes when I first started looking to so that I can mention them by name. Again thanks EVERYONE! for you help and postings!
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