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  1. I'm more then interested too... can't wait to see what you guys have come up with..!
  2. Might as well throw this one again into the group.. Will there be an option to get an OSD panel visible in a 3D environment like games so we can monitor the sensors in game rather then having to tab to the desktop..? Also regarding the OSD.. will there be an option where the user can customize the OSD appearance.. as in how many colums or the choice between vertical or horizontal alignment etc.. For instance I use the OSD quite a lot.. but it always lists the sensors top to bottom.. I'd rather see them from left to right.. Maybe even set an option where the user can add his own icons, skin items etc.. so it can become fully customizable..
  3. I just had the chance of playing with it.. and it feels very fast so far.. It responds quicker imo.. or it could just be an illusion on my end.. The interface is familiar but that only makes it easier to use.. Anyways.. I hope this software will become better then ever..
  4. I'm very excited about the new project... and good luck Fiery..!
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