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  1. Thanks, that worked. I had multi-gpu option disabled (which is strange because I've had SLI before, even have a saved Sensor Panel for 2 cards :))
  2. GTX 1080 and 970 are installed, but second GPU is not visible in Display > GPU: I need these values to be available in Sensor Panel: GPU2's core frequency, memory freq, core utilization, video utilization, memory utilization and, if possible, fan % (currently it's RPM only) dumps.zip
  3. In one of the last betas CPU fan is no longer displayed (it's actually a pump). isasensordump_4000.txt isasensordump_4089.txt smbusdump_full_4000.txt smbusdump_full_4089.txt
  4. Thanks, it works perfectly now, all values match those in ASRock A-Tuning utility.
  5. ASRock Z170 Extreme6 Don't want to update profile without overclock and benchmarks
  6. AIDA64 Extreme 5.60.3709 VCore and VID are the same on i7 6700K and both probably show VID (values are pretty high, 1.38V on stock 4200MHz, and they also don't match VCore in other monitoring programs).
  7. You can also use pipboy font http://www.dafont.com/monofonto.font?text=Intel+i7+2620
  8. It's just your monitor, and mine main monitor too I'm using this panel on second screen (old 24"), it has completely different colors and more contrast. If you like colorful designs, there are plenty of palettes that accomplish it without using colors with peak RGB values, such colors are just unnatural. This was my theme before the current one, pretty colorful http://forums.aida64.com/topic/667-share-your-sensorpanel/page-4#entry6749
  9. It still is You (and others) should google "pastel colors palette" and "material design colors". Use them, not these RGB extremes. Like this. If it's too pale for you, make it a little bit more colorful, but not in a #FF0000 way
  10. Yes, but % will be fine. Power limit is defined in % too. MSI AB shows the correct value. GPU-Z and AIDA64 only have GPU TDP. nVidia Inspector has both GPU and Total power levels.
  11. Can this be added to Sensor category? Currently GPU TDP % is available, but it is not very useful. nVidia Kepler/Maxwell cards have an adjustable power limit, so it would be practical to monitor the power consumption to see when card starts to throttle.
  12. Crop and paste a part of wallpaper as a background
  13. Sensor panel that matches Win 8.1 stock theme: mikanoshi_HT.sensorpanel
  14. Finished mine. Transparency is fake Download
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