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  1. Will there be support for this brand of LCD? I already have a LCD from them. I was wondering about some of the other features from this line of LCD's such as button and onboard LED support, brightnes and other functions.
  2. Ahhh... that would explain why GPU-Z will crash my system sometimes when I try looking at the sensor info for both cards. I asked about the link state because that has solved some of my issues with pci express cards and their stability, just fyi.
  3. Oh yes, I seem to remember this issue a while back. However, programs like GPU-Z and catalysts own hardware monitor can poll the temps while in crossfire with out having to mess with ULPS. Once the card wakes up however, aida64 sill doesn't look at the temps, at least the desktop gadget doesn't see them. Or do they just wake up the card first to do this? Also, is ULPS related to PCI express link state power savings? I mean, would changing the link state also change the ULPS power setting?
  4. Hi, I have 2 amd 7870's in crossfire and I am unable to see the temp for the second card while both are in crossfire mode. I can see all sensor information on the card while they are not in crossfire, but once in crossfire I can only see the primary cards sensor information, the information on the secondary card I can not see.
  5. Wow those sensor panels really look good. Just curious though, where do you guys get the logos? Just from company websites?
  6. I realize the new sensor panel feature is meant to replace sidebar and OSD eventually, but I was wondering if there was any chance there would be some other options available to side bar to change appearance? I was really hoping that there could be an option added for scaling the size of the side bar (I have a large monitor and the size of the sidebar is way too small).
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