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  1. Thats within range for a I7 cpu temp with some room to spare. If it keeps happening or starts on other games, I'd try a new video driver.. Is the the game new compared to your video card driver? Is your video card capable of recommended settings for that game? Have you updated bios recently or changed a setting in there? I had one that started running under stock Voltage for cpu due to bios update started just shutting off no BSOD because the system wasnt supplying enough volts to the cpu to support what I was doing at the time ( Dont fool with your voltages unless your sure what you are doing). I'd try multiple things like this and look into a fresh install of Vista/7 whatever your using and if Problem persists then start checking it out on a hardware level such as Power Supply/Battery, Memory, HDD etc... Just my 2 cents.
  2. Tested it out on my system and its working for me . Did a few reboots without powering off PSU and played some games in between those reboots to get my NB nice and warm all temps are now monitored for me without having to power off PSU between reboots. Thanks Fiery!!!
  3. Yep I'm using 1102. With the new Aida64 I dont understand why I'd have to reset thermal radar by powering off PSU, but for now its a workaround I can use and once I'm up and running I dont usually reboot unless I've installed something or have made system changes that require it. Thanks again I really appreciate all your help and quick replies!
  4. Here are a couple pix of logs from after my 1st post today when I powered off the PSU as per directions for getting Aida64 to monitor temps right after install. Its working great after power down and PSU off These are after a reboot because I changed my SLI config for DiRT Showdown and its locked my NB @ 35c again after a reboot In these last 2 pix you can see my Cpu and Video cards lowering in temp, Im at a total loss to figure this out, Ill keep trying but as for now PSU power down is required for me to get these temps monitored, it really shouldnt be this way on a fresh install thats why I was asking about having thermal radar installed on your test system, for my system it left all kinds of files behind along with 3 running services, not to mention I performed a unistall of it cleaned my REG and went on a hunt for any lingering files. It still persisted on my system even though it looked like it was totally removed and I only had thermal radar installed out of all the other crap AI Suite offers. In the end I guess clicking a switch on my PSU until isnt such a big deal to keep that junk off my system. Looks like I need to change my polling so it isnt logging every 5 seconds lol thats probably a little excessive, and thanks for your quick replies!
  5. Have you had thermal radar running on that setup? Ive noticed in the past that unistallin thermal radar still leaves the files behind and some of the monitoring services continue to run after unistall of thermal radar(Asus Garbage). Just wondering if the diffrence is fresh install, Ive rebooted a few times today and I see my NB is stuck at 40c after playing BF3 and rebooting.
  6. Got up this morning and turned comp on, Noticed that NB temp and other temps that relied on thermal radar have once again locked themselves and are no longer being monitored properly. Its cold in my basement so first start up of the day NB is usually 25c or so and increases to 32c. From cold Boot temp was 31c so I fired up BF3 that always brings my NB temps up to 40c - 45c. Sadly temp is locked again. I will shut down and power off PSU and try again later to see if that works. Powered off Comp and PSU and it seems to be working again
  7. Great work. I was due for a fresh install of windows 7, and Im happy to say Aida64 is now monitoring my NB temps as well as Pci-e Ram slots and USB. Only thing i noticed is that I now have a temperature 1 and temperature 2 they dont seem to correpsond to anything that thermal Radar was showing before but they are only 35 so no big deal. Also before and after this I had been noticing if I used Aida64 I would sometimes get a warning in the event viewer : Event 15 ACPI The embedded controller returned data when non was requested... Wonder if this I a Bios issue or Aida64 but its working great and rarely throws the warning. Thanks!!
  8. Great news. Glad I checked the forum tonight. I'll remove thermal radar, upgrade Aida and post back tomorrow.Thermal radar has been giving me errors and is always reporting my fan speeds to low which then sends popups. I'll be happy to rid myself of it. Thanks Fiery.
  9. Has there been any progress getting Aida to show NB and PCI E temps for this board? It wasn't able to without having Asus thermal radar installed and it's services running. I've been watching the beta release notes and have seen sensor specific updates for the M5A series as well as some Gigabyte boards. How about the Sabertooth 990fx?
  10. Balls, I hope this pans out. I find most asus software to be buggy and bloated. I'd much rather use Aida64 exclusively Good luck I'll be watching the betas. Thnx Fiery!
  11. Just got my Sabertooth 990fx, I feel the same as the OP. I grabbed beta build 1484 and was glad to see that Aida is showing all the same sensors as Thermal Radar would. However I noticed that my NB temp seemed to be locked in at 34c as well as the PCIE USB and VRM all seemed to be locked in at whatever temp they were when I fired up Aida, even after running Unigines Heaven for 15 mins. I had my Mobo disc handy so I installed Thermal Radar and as soon as the program was installed and its services running I saw my NB increase to 40c. Just wanna know if this is still broken? Or maybe I broke something in my system with all the playing around lol. Any info I can provide to help? Thnx in advance. ** Scratch that 1484 doesnt detect NB etc without those services running from Thermal Radar. Strange thing was my control panel did show AI Suite II installed but Thermal Radar nor any of the suites other programs were installed, yet the required services were running on startup to give a reading although a faulty one. This would probably explain why the readings were locked and not updating since the last uninstall of it obviously didnt take. Sorry for the mistake.**
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