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  1. Howdy, can I use the AIDA logo in photos and vids of a PC mod ? like a youtube showcase proudly displaying I use AIDA for my WS ? not actually making money from it
  2. Hi, things have been wonderful with the new AIDA, great work guys but as always something has to rear its ugly head again All pc software up to date Just put a x99, 6800k, corsair LC 115, Win764 pro together, and there is something I need help with mystery #1: there is a "pump #1" with an rpm reading of say 1800rpm & I need help to find what it is ("water pump rpm" is on the mobo pump header ^ is correct rpm, [and this is the cooler pump rpm plug wire]) the AIDA CPU package is 35c but Corsair says 29c, stability enabled.. #2: should the CPU temp be higher or lower than CPU core temps ? Folks are saying different things about that so I need confirmation or at least to know exactly what is what everything else is working fine
  3. hi Fiery yeah its an Asus Z87 pro no BIOS reading had 5VSB for many years in AIDA noticed this after installing AIDA update
  4. Hey guys, just installed the latest update & the 5 VSB reading has disappeared 12v, 5v, 3.3v, 3.3vsb are there everything else is ok
  5. Hi, will data from 2 Aquaero version 5 LT units display on Sensor panel ?
  6. Hi, please bear with me a bit I would like to get a new mobo, the Maximus viii Hero Alpha I saw this & other posts relating to Asus Maximus sensors: "On Asus Maximus VIII Extreme and Maximus VIII Formula motherboards T_Sensor2 and T_Sensor3 temperature readings can only be read by EC bank switching mechanism. That however can collide with Asus AI Suite software and cause a system lockup. So AIDA64 doesn't risk bank switching to make sure system stability is not jeopardized. We're in discussion with Asus about this issue, we'll see if we can convince them to work together on resolving this" If I buy the Asus Maximus Hero Alpha version what are the chances some sensors wont work ? what I dont understand is that some posts that mention the same mobos do not share the same errors or sensor issues many in fact have been fixed.. Other Hero mobos on the forum here also have different sensor issues too but these are also fixed pretty much ok lets hope Asus fixes this should I just get the mobo & find out the hard way ? Is there a way to check mobo sensor compatibility to some degree, without the mobo ? PCH Core temperature is motherboard specific ????? PCH Core temperature is motherboard specific ?????
  7. Hi, Is this possible using Aida & Aquaro gear ? : 1 monitor every fan rpm 2 alert for each fan fail on Aida sensor panel 3 temp alarm trigger to external device eg: relay, 5v high signal, mosfet, transistor, etc.. 4 display everything Aquero senses & view in Aida SensoPanel 5 OS crash = Aida/Aquero system auto shutdown procedure 6 fan speed ramp up at mobo power up 7 sensors shared across both Aida & Aquero 8 more than 1 USB lcd showing separate pages/tabs of SensorPanel eg: LCD1 shows temp:LCD2 shows flow, LCD3 shows rpm....... I haven't updated Aida since V5.0 - sorry if I haven't the answers already
  8. Well things are going ok at the moment except firefox is crashing all the time when using the current code is there anything in the code I can change to somehow disable the network data everest handles network traffic but aida64 seems to be buggy maybe adjusting the AIDA64.INI file will help ?
  9. Absolutely fan fricken tastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiery, thank you so very much for the fix = IT WORKS You again have another happy customer Is there any possibility that future improvements could alter the WMI & sharedmem codes ? Or is it a case of if it works dont try to fix it or alter it ?
  10. Hi all, I need a AIDA64 plugin for a program called LCDC I am using Everest Ultimate but its having issues with new hardware namely the mobo voltages I really will need AIDA64 as I am modding a PC and planning to use the next gen high end chips coming soon instead of socket 2011 now Everest has been absolutely wonderful and I'm really praying for AIDA64 to be the same or even better I have tried to use AIDA64 with the Everst plugin in LCDC but it wont work. I am not surprised though.. What do I need to do to obtain a plugin for LCDC using AIDA64 ??? ps I have contacted the author of LCDC but havent got a reply yet so while I'm waiting I may learn something here thanks, Adrian
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