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  1. Here is what you asked for. Thanks for looking into it. atigpureg.txt
  2. Here is a log file showing the incorrect 2x the actual value. 5700XT Ram_2020-02-25_11-58-03_log.csv
  3. My 5700XT VRAM is clocked at 1750Mhz AIDA shows 3500Mhz. My Idle is 200Mhz AIDA shows 400mhz etc. So its showing 2X the actual speed. I am using the LCD monitoring with my Logitech G19s My model for reference is Sapphire 5700XT Nitro+
  4. Latest stable and latest Beta both show the 5700XTs VRAM clocks at double the actual speed. If there's a metric I can change to show the correct VRAM clocks I'd appreciate it.If not it's a bug-
  5. Well I guess I have to ask how to get it to use the old style with the new Beta?
  6. I just wanted to chime in hear as a P67 Sabertooth User. The only 2 sensor readings I can see that aren't being read are the Vcore 1 and 2 (The VRM section) This is has been the case since 1.80. For me personally I would really like those 2 temps as I run watercooling so they aren't getting any kinda of passive cooling from a CPU fan. But outside of that it reads the rest of the sensors just fine.
  7. That is good news Fiery. I look forward to the old system being available.
  8. Thanks for the Info Fiery. But yeah I am going to agree with Xyrax. Its current state makes it WAY more complex than it has to be. I would certainly prefer the old method or at least be able to use the new Import feature that would perhaps adjust old configs to the new method?
  9. Is there no easy way to continue to use the old pages from the previous version? I use all 4 pages on my G15 and not one of them on the new version functions correctly. I have been transferring these pages since Everest and they always worked fine. Now even if I try to modify the now broken ones the layouts are a mess... Little disappointed in this as this is main feature I have always purchased this software for and now it has become very unfriendly to use.
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