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  1. Is there no easy way to continue to use the old pages from the previous version? I use all 4 pages on my G15 and not one of them on the new version functions correctly. I have been transferring these pages since Everest and they always worked fine. Now even if I try to modify the now broken ones the layouts are a mess... Little disappointed in this as this is main feature I have always purchased this software for and now it has become very unfriendly to use.
  2. Great! Thanks for the explanation.
  3. Well I guess I have to ask how to get it to use the old style with the new Beta?
  4. Awesome Fiery I will try it out post haste.
  5. INSTG8R

    Monitoring Asus Sabertooth P67

    I just wanted to chime in hear as a P67 Sabertooth User. The only 2 sensor readings I can see that aren't being read are the Vcore 1 and 2 (The VRM section) This is has been the case since 1.80. For me personally I would really like those 2 temps as I run watercooling so they aren't getting any kinda of passive cooling from a CPU fan. But outside of that it reads the rest of the sensors just fine.
  6. That is good news Fiery. I look forward to the old system being available.
  7. Thanks for the Info Fiery. But yeah I am going to agree with Xyrax. Its current state makes it WAY more complex than it has to be. I would certainly prefer the old method or at least be able to use the new Import feature that would perhaps adjust old configs to the new method?