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  1. Nope, ............... Has bought new Kingston memory and voila................... everything is freezing again! Looks like if I start Aidai and wait an long time and i mean an LONG time 10-20-30 minutes Aida will at the end initialize correctly. So, sporadly the program will work. UPDATE: Forgot to mention that every time i start Aida (in the past Everest) the Realtek sound icon pops up telling me that an "new device is connected". HUH???? Seems to me that indeed the pci bus is reading wrong?
  2. Fiery, has found the fault, my memory timings where much, much to tight, stupid me..... Everything is working as it should be.
  3. Fiery, it has definitely something to do with initializing Aida. When i start Aida and immidiatly go to overclocking or sensors my system will lock up. When i start Aida and WAIT 5 minutes (could be shorter i don't know, i waited 5 minutes) and then go to overclocking or sensors the program(s) will run and no lock up.
  4. All seems to be working well! Remark: the voltages are only reading the cpu. Would be nice concerning overclocking that there will be more readouts like NB and SB. Do not know what you can readout with this specific mobo, M4A89TD pro/usb3. Thanks Fiery Update: It was an very short joy,system locks up again! Had before 5 - 6 times the sensor- and overclock readings and now immidiatly the system locks up. First thought: could it be that the program needs an lot of time to initialize itself? Remark: yes, all that Asus crap is deactivated or not installed! Update on Update: Seems indeed
  5. Overclock no freezing, nb speed still wrong. Sensor no readout, nothing, noppes, nada!
  6. Well, count me in, system freezes when using 'sensors' or 'overclock' Had exactly the same with Everest! What is working is the 'pci trick' in the ini file but then you will have NO sensor reading. The speed of the NB is reported false, 1200mhz instead of 2100mhz. My system: Asus M4A89TD/pro USB3 AMD 1055T overclocked to 3900mhz Patriot 2000ll series 2000mhz@1600mhz 2x2GB 2 x HD5850 Seems to me that reading the sensorchip is causing troubles.
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