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  1. The feature I've always wanted added was SMART warnings. AIDA can look at SMART data on the drives, I'd like it if it could do something like check the data at launch and at some configureable time, and if any of the status isn't "ok", for it to present a warning.
  2. Ugh, AI Suite. I spent a month trying to figure out why my new system would randomly shut down. Because it wouldn't turn on without removing power from the mobo, I assumed it was a HW issue, so I spent trying other parts, couldn't get it to go away. Conversing with someone else having the same issue with an ASUS mobo and running AIDA, he finally uninstalled AI Suite, and the problem went away. In my case, since the system had been fine the first few weeks, I suspected it was the update for Fan Xpert 2 specificly, so I installed the original version that came with my P8Z77, and the problem hasn't happened since.
  3. I've got an ASUS P8Z77-Deluxe (beta UEFI 1050) and a 3770k that I just put together. I've noticed 1 weird thing in AIDA at this point... Looking at the sensors listed in AIDA for the CPU, it has fields for CPU, CPU Package, CPU IA Cores, CPU GT Cores, and each of the individual cores. Now, ignore the IA and GT because they usually say the same as the package. So, what's the difference between the CPU and CPU Package temp? Because at idle they all read the same-ish, except the CPU will be a few degrees lower. But when I'm stressing out the CPU, the cores and package temps will be like around 60 degrees, but the CPU temp will be around 40. Actually, testing it in a hotter room now, the CPU is still running about 20 degrees lower than the package and core temps. Now, I'm not sure if this is an issue or not or if the CPU likes to fib. Using ASUS' own SW monitor, their CPU temp listing seems to be the same as the "CPU" temp in AIDA. What's the difference between "CPU" and "CPU Package"? It doesn't feel comfortable if we're getting CPU readings that are 20 degrees lower under stress than what the cores are really at.
  4. The feature(s) I've always been wanting has been some improved SMART monitoring tools. Such as something like the CPUID tool you can get from the systray icon, rather than having to open up the main window and go digging down for the info. And some monitoring tools that would issue some warning if it detects a SMART issue.
  5. Looks good so far, the numbers seem to match up between the apps, the only one that is slightly off is the +12 on GPU-Z shows a little higher at times, but it seems more like a rounding up issue on their part. About the only thing that might help would be some of the name tags. Don't know if you have a better way to label the VDDC/VRM names, but ideally something a little clearer would be better. It's OK enough in that screen since you can see the V/A/W after the numbers, but it's not as clear when trying to setup something like the LCD screens. I mean, it's not hard, but it could just be clearer rather than seeing 3 GPU VRMs listed in the LCD setup. Same thing with the GPU Fans, it's not known which GPU reading is which without looking somewhere else when setting up the LCD. And it wasn't clear what MC and VE utilization was, I had to check GPU-Z, but maybe that's just me. That's pretty much my nitpicks, as far as the readings, they seem to work fine, thanks!
  6. Hmmm, good news / bad news. That was the right thing to fix the numbers, I'm getting more detailed numbers. Unfortunately AIDA and GPU-Z differ on the reading, so who knows who's right. GPU-Z is reading .957 and AIDA is reading .963. New HW, so I can't really expect SW to be up to date yet, GPU-Z hasn't updated since the 580 came out, so they could be wrong for all I know. Hmmm, fired up EVGA's OC Scanner and it shows the VDDC, it's closer to AIDA. Right now GPU-Z says .955, OC Scanner says .962, and AIDA says .963
  7. And this might not be 580 specific, but I just got one so that's what I'm working with. I'd love to see more sensor options available in the app. I can get more info out of the EVGA Precision and GPU-Z apps than what shows up in AIDA. Specificly the stat I'd like to be able to have in my LCD panel the most is the fan speed percentage. It at least shows the tach, but I'd rather see the percentage that both of the other apps show. The GPU core power reading gets rounded off in AIDA, it's showing up as 0.96 on my LCD, but in GPU-Z it shows as 0.957, I'd prefer a more accurate reading. And it'd be nifty, but not the end of the world if it doesn't get in, to see the VDDC Power reading in GPU-Z show up in AIDA so I could see the watts used.
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