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  1. Im not sure what is going on here but for some reason im not getting any hand shake between Riva&Aida. I have enabled external Apps monitoring in Aida and plugin is installed in riva sensors are checked but nothing is showing up in riva. I have gone back to version 1.20 and im now getting the same problem. Am i missing something here? Does Aida64 need any other 3rd party software to run with riva..?
  2. Download it yesterday but 1.5 plug is not working with RT. Pls advise.
  3. Thanks but i already downloaded it. Have you tested this RT plugin with V1.5 cause i cant get it to work and all was working with 1.2?
  4. P.S I have attached the file for you to look at if you cant find it.! Regards Just noticed i cant upload the file... Sorry.!
  5. Hi Fiery, In rivatuners folder there is an everest.rth file located @ programfiles/RivaTuner v2.24 MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2009 edition\Help\Plugins\Monitoring\everest.rth Is this file need by Aida64..? if so could you edit it and post so i can replace the everest version.? Thanks. Fugitive.!
  6. Hi Fiery, Is it possible to add 'Pagefile usage' value to External App's> Shared Memory..?
  7. Mate.. that picture was taken a year ago (http://aquatuning-uk-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=81)link provided as proof. My system is no longer config the same as that pic. The only reason i posted on guru3d was to sell my GPU's. So you are wrong and i have no game to play. I only have 2 fans and 2 Pums conected to 4 of 5 headers in my system as stated many times. I will also like to add that you are in breach of a copyright act by taking my material (Picture) from another website editing and posting it on this site without my permission. So if you carry on bugging me ill be looking to take action against you for breach of copyright. Being a photographer all photo's taken by me are always copy written before being posted to any website.! Good Day.!
  8. Thx for feedback paul but i am getting closer to this gremlin within my system and will report back shortly.!
  9. Fiery... I dont have 4 fans connected to my mobo i only have 2. The other 2 are taken up by pumps witch are only used to monitor the rpm's. Are you reading my post clearly?
  10. Dude keep yah outback comments to yourself as all you doing is adding fuel to the fire.
  11. I also think i'ts strange that Everest gave me one set of values and now Adia64 is giving me another.. EXample.. My cpu is now telling me on idle temps @ 25c this is at 60%oc. eversest, probe, riva, has never given me this low temps... im gonna go back to everest as i dont really trust this new ADIA64.!
  12. I have connected a fan to that header and nothing seem to change within setting but the fan runs correctly.! you need to read my post clearly... I have run probe everest riva and the bios all say the same thing... Adia64 seem to run the rpm from 0 - 718 back and forth.. So lets for get for a second what that reading is from..... why is Adia64 jumping from 0-718 and back when everst never did.. the bios dont, and probeII dont..! P.S dont run ai suit as its a peice of junk.!
  13. OK.. i hear what your saying... But ever since i upgraded to Adia64 this glitch has happened... I have been running this system for over a year now with no glitches.. CPU is overclock 60% system runs flawless and to date i havnt seen a bsod or even a crash or lockup... so i really dont think its the mobo being faulty.. And i dont have anything connected to the pwr_fan.
  14. Hi Fiery, Right... I didnt not have this problem with EVEREST. I dont have this problem with PROBEII, I dont have this problem with the Bios reading (Asus p6td-deluxe). This glitch has only come about with Aida64. My Bios tell me that the Sensor is the POWER SUPPLY FAN.. with all due respects what else am i ment to be thinking here if every peice of monitoring softwares point to this being THE PSU FAN SENSOR.! Regards. P.S and fiery i wasnt being rude to this guy from the start. i just asked him not to get involved. P.P.S... Fiery i dont get what your saying here.. Chassis 1 is my gpu's pump running @ 4440rpm, Chassis 2 is rear fan running @1214rpm, chassis 3 is fan sitting over my vrm's running @2909rpm, and my CPu header runs the CPU pump @ 4440rpm. So where is the PSU reading coming from? with no other fans connected (but the fan in the PSU) where would this reading be coming from.? I have accounted for all devices in my system so it MUST be the PSU fan. Regards P.P.S i have just disconnected all devices (fans and pump) CPU & Chassis 1to3 with NO other fans running (but PSU) but i still get a reading from this so called PSU sensor. Here is a screen shot of my bios accounting for all fan&pump devices within my system also clearly THERE IS NOT An EXTRA HEADER ON MOBO THAT SUGGESTS ITS THE PSU.! The following artical taken from my Manual P6tD-deluxe page 3.32 Power Fan Speed The onboard hardware monitor automatically detects and displays the PSU fan speed in rotations per minute (RPM). If the fan is not connected to the motherboard the field show N/A. Does this not suggest that the motherboard is dectecting rotation of the PSU fan???? I use to have an enermax psu connnected,and this setting would show up as [N/A]
  15. Take alook at AIDA64's Sensors.. so unless your saying i have connected my psu to a chassis header or something weird like that. please refrain yourself from commenting any further Regards P.S ignorance ='s fools that cannot admit when they are wrong.!
  16. Dude i don't know where your getting your info from but my Mobo bios specifically states MY POWER SUPPLY Unit's rpm, everest tells me my psu rpm, rivatuner tells me oh and corsair just confirmed this for me but your saying NO.....oh please.! with all due respects fella but this post wasn't meant for you.! Regards
  17. Wrong.. I have always been able to monitor the PSU fan via everest. and the fact that underAida64 the rpm bounces from 718 to 0 supports that. Sorry fella but your wrong.!
  18. Hi tech support. Im'm having a problem with sensor value on the PSU fan rpm, it keeps returning to 0 from 700rmp every 3-4secs or so. Im using rivatuner with gpumonitor (gadget) with lastest BETA version of AIDA64. I did not have this problems with latest version of everest. PSU is Corsiar HX1000. P.S Just tested it with Aida64 sidebar Gadget and getting the same problem Please advise. regards. Fugitive.
  19. Wow... now that transition from everest to AIDA64 went really smooth. Kinda gear myself up for a complete disaster when upgrading from everest. WELL DONE GUYS. Loving this newer version.!
  20. Thanks for that C.F.P.. You wouldn't know how i could upgrade my licenced version of everest would yah..? P.s Forgive me for the dumb question.. One should learn how to read. LOL thanks fella.!
  21. Hi Guys, Im currently using Everest 5.5 along side Rivatuner (everset supplying senor info). Within Rivatuner im using the Everest.cfg & Everest.dll to hand shake sensor info within the rivatuner enviroment. My question is if i upgrade to Aida64 will the everest.cfg & dll still be compatable and allow the handshake between both programs? Also my everest is still under licence how do i get the free upgrade.? the following data is supplied by Everest, Rivatuner & Gpu Monitor Gadget.
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