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  1. I took the idea from Strongharm @ Post#39 in this thread. Hope you dont mind dude. If you do ill delete it. 2012-10-28.sensorpanel
  2. Friendly as in the statement you you issued to me in post #11 "And my question was more about "Can you see them spinning on the Sensor page?" rather than "Are they actually spinning?". I'm sure you understand the difference between those 2 questions " now that sound like your being patronising to me...!
  3. Serious Fiery whats the chances of the problem being replicated on 3 different mobos, 2 sets of ram, 2 different cpus and 2 os's ????? so do you see my frustration here. And might i point out that when i previously reported this problem you denied there was a problem then in this post you say you fixed the problem a while back , and now the problem still exists... can you see whats going on here...? One of the only reasons I'm now using Adia64 is because of the alerts, if any of my pumps go down whilst I'm not at my system the that's a disaster, This problem has not been fixed for months
  4. Fiery..... They are pumps which run as i turn the system on... DO you understand that...? If my pumps was not working then my cpu and GPU's would over heat... So yes the pumps are always running.!
  5. Pumps are running when system is powered on. do i need to setup the alerts before checking the sensor page.?
  6. No fix in todays beta release...?
  7. Always using the latest beta's.. Current version installed is 1.70.1412. So im sorry to be a pain but its not fixed.
  8. Fiery, This is a problem i have reported to you before, This has been going on since v1.2+ and i have change OS HP to Ultimate, Mobo x2, CPU, Ram and still getting the same problem. Long story short when i setup up alerts as seen in capture1 al is ok but log onto system the next day and all alerts will disapair as seen in capture 2. Your thoughts please. Thanks
  9. Hi Fiery, I do have that option checked but still getting conflicts. In truth the easy way around this would have been for Asus to have allowed users to controlle all the fan headers via the bios. For some reason half the headers are controlled via bios and the other half is controlled via AISuite2. Makes no sense to me. So is there away you guys can implement fan controll via Aida64? this way one does not have to use AISuite2 at all. Thanks for your responce.!
  10. Fiery need advice here, Im using aida as you know for monitoring system, I'm also using AISuite2 to control my fan speeds (header fans 1-3) for some reason Asus has used bios to control the chassis headers 1-3 but used AIsuite2 to control Header fans 1-3. My problem is when i run both softwares (Aida64 & AiSuite2) i get a conflict where Aida will after a short time return 0's on most my sensor readings. Now i dont have this problem when AIsuite2 is not installed so clearly there is a conflict between both sofwares. Is there away you guys can implement fan control with Aida64's invirome
  11. Fiery.....WHY... I was just getting down with some great ideas.... ... Oh well guess ill have to wait for next beta version.
  12. Hi Fiery, Not sure what happen here but i started to notice that other sensor readings in aida were sticking too, I un-installed aida and re-installed and all seems to be ok at the min. Will look at it again this afternoon and let you know if all is working for sure.!
  13. Hi Fiery, Can confirm that MB & CPU Now have independent tempreture readings.. Update: Just booted system and MB temp seems to be stuck on 30C. Just ran stability test and MB temp is not even moving a degree....? Any thoughts? P.S reading comes from a cold boot too. Thanks.
  14. HA HA... you got me on that one. All is ok now. Thanks:P
  15. Hi Fiery, Under System Stability Test aida64 is only showning 4 0f 6 cores under the tempreture tab. See screen shot.
  16. No fix for R3E.BE in latest beta...?
  17. Sorry for the delay fiery been a busy few days. Info as requested starting with ISA DUMP ------[ AIDA64 v1.60.1358 Beta ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Motherboard Info ]------ Motherboard Model : Asus Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard Chipset : Intel Tylersburg X58, Intel Westmere DMI MB Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer INC. DMI MB Product : RAMPAGE III BLACK EDITION DMI MB Version : Rev 1.xx DMI SYS Manufacturer: System manufacturer DMI SYS Product : System Product Name DMI SYS Version : System Version DMI S
  18. Hi Fiery, Just finishing of a project here and will then post up dumps. Regards
  19. Hi Fiery, On this board you have CPU & MB temp sensor sharing the same temp reading. Aidia64 says the CPU is idle @15c its also records the Mobo @ 15c. when the CPU changes temp so does the Mobo. Basically where ever the cpu temps goes the mobo temp follows. Regards.
  20. So basically Aida is taking its cpu readings from the Bios then... If thats the case then i now know why i have got such strange CPU readings.
  21. Where does Aida get it's tempreture readings from.?
  22. Im talking about the overall CPU temp..Im NOT comparing the Core temps... In Aida im getting a CPU reading @ 31-33c.. When i stress test this reading only goes upto 38-40c. Will get back to you about the fan readings tomorrow.! Regards
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