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[REQUEST] - A Setting to show AIDA64 Settings / OSD / RemoteSensor Manager Settings etc on Primary Monitor!


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You may (or probably not) have seen my RSLCD App I released as a simple tool for viewing RSLCDs via  I made a setting that ensured my settings panel would always show on the primary monitor only.  Could you implement something like this into AIDA64? The amount of times I've struggled to get the settings window or sensor panel manager window into a workable area has been a royal pain in my behind! I'll right click my panel that's on a 5" screen, and the window that appears is too large, and often the important part like the title bar etc are off screen! I can't even close the damned thing, and have on occasion resorted to force quitting AIDA64.  If the windows always appeared on the primary monitor that would solve the issue.


Many thanks for the consideration :)

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