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How can I get an accumulation of "total power"? Combining Aida64 with AquaSuite's virtual sensors


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Hi everyone,


I know this is probably not a super high priority but I hope someone can help me figure this out.


Currently, I know in my PC the 2 biggest power draws are the CPU and GPU. Generally on default they clock in around 50ish watts total, those are the biggest power chompers in my system, so I've set those to combine and give me a value.


I also have taken in the power consumption of stuff like my fans, I've tried to combine together the pump power, however for whatever reason I can't seem to get that to report in Aida or via my Quadro (it is a Corsair pump, so if anyone has advice I'd love to hear it!) but either way, what I get reported from the CPU, GPU and fans is a far cry from what my smart plug is reporting (currently 60w vs 133w)


Is there any way to dig through other data to help build a better picture of what's using power in my PC? I don't do any bitcoin mining, but I do have the Chia program running in the background - but closing that does almost nothing to change the power consumption. I haven't fully tried killing chrome, but I can't see that doing it either.


Regardless, is there not a way to be able to extract as much power data as possible? How am I at barely half?


Thanks in advance!

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Id love to have the ability to show total system power consumption. With the TDP of the newer CPU and GPU being so high and the power draw for all the other bits n pieces it would be handy to show how close you are getting to maxing out the PSU.

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