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Wich is difference between Aida64 values "chipset" and "Diode PCH" and what means this value?


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Hello everyone, can someone confirm the difference between the Aida64 values for "Chipset" and the "Diode PCH" value, since with my Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master board the board application with the SIV (System Information Viewer) application tells me many values, including the chipset that does match the chipset value that Aida64 indicates, but no value matches a very high value that Aida gives called Diode PCH that supposedly refers to the chipset.

Since both the SIV board software and Aida64 report that the chipset temperature is 67º Celsius, can you tell me what value Aida64 is reporting when it starts at 84º and no other software indicates a temperature similar to these 84º?

And please don't tell me that the answer is that Aida64 reads better due to a very special and magic technique get the more exactly temperature and that is giving the not insignificant increse of almost 20º more.

20º of difference in the chipset can mean that the board remains a brick, if it were with temperatures close to 90º there would be many aorus bricks out there

My motherboard is Aorus X570 Master 1.0 and the processo Ryzen 3900X

Thank you

Wich is PCH Diode value from Aida64.jpg



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