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Create Custom Sensor Panel for Asus Ryujin 2


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Can anyone explain or give me pointer of how to create an AIDA64 custom sensor panel and use it on the Ryujin 2 screen?

I just saw we can use this but I don't know how to use it on the panel and  and use it in portrait mode.

Thanks for the help !



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Hi Asryan,

I wanted to create my own panel so I tinkered with AIDA64 for a few hours and figured out how to put a simple one together. The software is very clunky but with a little experimenting, I was able to create the attached panel that shows the date & time, CPU & GPU load & temp, CPU speed, and master volume.

Basically I started with a background that is 320x240. You can import it into the sensorpanel as a background, then you start adding elements. Search online for a tuturial that will show you how. Good luck. You are welcome to use the one I've created, which is attached. I have a Gigabyte Aorus system, but you can change the background to anything you like.

Default AORUS 320x240.sensorpanel

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