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Ricardo Paula

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[Custom Scaling Factors]

Happens when a template is created on a machine with different OS display ‘SCALING’ settings. In windows OS, it’s the (Custom Scaling) display setting.

I had the same issued with my waveshare 8.8” at first, no matter which template I tried – they never fit right and were all out of alignment.  I have 4k monitor and my Windows display setting is set to a [Custom Scaling] of 150%.

So even if I import a template that matches my  sensor panels resolution, Windows was still applying a 150% Scaling factor on top of that to my 2nd display.

To fix, I had to change the way Aida64 opened in relation to DPI Scaling. That way my main Display#1, was left untouched, but now my waveshare 8.8” (Display#2) displays all templates with the correct scaling factors and everything fits as intended.    


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