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New to Aida64 - GPU Temp Questions


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Hi! Just picked up the app to build a sensor panel. I am confused on some temp sensors for GPU. I have a 3080Ti FTW3


I noticed I have 4 GPU Memory Temp sensors below. Only one is higher than the others. Does this mean one memory module is not making full contact with thermal pad ? Also, is it normal to see only 4 temp sensors for memory?

      GPU Memory                                        32.0 °C
      GPU Memory #1                                     24.5 °C
      GPU Memory #2                                     24.3 °C
      GPU Memory #3                                     25.1 °C

Also, what is GPU PWM? I have no clue what these are.
      GPU PWM1                                          25.4 °C
      GPU PWM2                                          25.4 °C
      GPU PWM3                                          25.5 °C
      GPU PWM4                                          25.4 °C
      GPU PWM5                                          27.0 °C


Thanks !

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