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Sensor panel questions & issues


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I'm currently creating my first sensor panel, but I have a few questions.

- Is it possible to show the temperature text (26°C) in a different color when temperature changes? Like green for low temperature, red for high temperature. I know it's possible with graphs, but I don't find a way to do it with the text.
- My fans are not detected in Aida64, however they are in NZXT Cam for example, how can I troubleshoot this?
- My CPU usage is different in 3 different monitoring apps, which one is most accurate and why are they so much off? See the image below. (I'm using the CPU Utilization sensor)
- Also CPU temp from NZXT Cam and Aida64 differs 16°C



Thanks in advance!

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I know this is a few months old, however, I was researching this very thing today and came across your thread.

The only way I can image we go about colored fonts per temp color would be to create an outlined font with a colored temp bar behind it, hidden as part of the background image, if you're using one. The only trouble would be the changing numeric value of the temp - it'd be difficult to create the range of values involved in a transparent, block-like font that would still display the bar behind it and not mess up your background.

While it is possible, I suppose, I may just stick to a small dot-like indicator (think bullet-style list) next to each value.


If I come up with anything, I'll update this thread.

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It is possible in standard Aida64 Extreme see picture.

I spent 20 minutes with my Baedapanel and Aida64 so sorry that it is only a Proof Of Concept quality level.....


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