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Disk activity for all disks but C:/ disappeared


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Hey everyone,

out of the blue, all disk activity meters disappeared, except for the one for my C:/ drive, which continues to work properly. I didn't update, or install a new version of Windows. I didn't install any other hard drive software either. I just shut down my computer, with it working, and then turned it on the next day, with it not. I have reinstalled Aida64, and made sure I'm on the newest version, but still no good. Any ideas?


Intel Core i5-12600k

AMD Radeon 5700XT

Asus Prime Z690-M Plus D4

Crucial Ballistix 16GB 3600MHz

Windows 11 21H2

Aida64 versions 6.50.5900 through 6.75.6100

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