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7" LCD suggestion


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I just received one of the 7" amazon touch screens and the colors of that display are really bad. Now, I am not sure if I received a lemon or if that's just normal for a cheap display.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a 1024 7" display?

Also, how does a USB screen work with Aida64? Is it still recognized as an additional monitor by Windows?

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Not sure how the usb screen works, i have an 11.9inch IPS screen which is hdmi but there are plenty on here that will be able to provide you with the required information. I would have got a screen from pihut, they do 7inch screens which are hdmi around £56 onwards

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Hello I just happened to find this thread.
I would recommend to try out my company Santek's product from Amazon.


It is a 7" 1024*600, IPS, thus wide viewing angle, good contrast and vivid color and connects via HDMI port.
The Santek 7" touchscreen can also be set brighter than other market products, at 600 nits.

We are specialized in manufacturing  LCD modules. http://www.santechnology.com/


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