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AIO Pump Sensor not detected - ASUS Prime X570-Pro


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I have multiple pumps, one on the W-Pump+ header and one on the AIO Pump header.

Setting up sensor panel to monitor them and the AIO is not showing in AIDA64 Extreme Version 6.75.6134 Beta.

This header is shown in the Asus software and is functioning correctly. I was also shown in HWinfo.

I uninstalled HWinfo since with AIDA 64 I no longer needed it, plus I wanted to make sure there was no conflict.

I have the latest bios for the MB.

Am I missing something to make this show in AIDA64?

Sensor missing.JPG

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both ports are shown in the full report.

[ Port Connectors / AIO_PUMP ]

    Port Connector Properties:
      Internal Reference Designator                     AIO_PUMP
      External Connector Type                           None

  [ Port Connectors / W_PUMP+ ]

    Port Connector Properties:
      Internal Reference Designator                     W_PUMP+
      External Connector Type                           None

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debug dump: Full dump in txt file

Sensor Properties    
Sensor Type    Nuvoton NCT6798D  (ISA A00h)
GPU Sensor Type    Driver  (NV-DRV)
Motherboard Name    Asus Prime X570-Pro / ROG Strix X570-E/F/I Gaming
Chassis Intrusion Detected    No
Motherboard    44 °C
CPU    44 °C
CPU Diode    56 °C
CPU Package    55 °C
Chipset    72 °C
PCH Diode    72 °C
GPU    31 °C
GPU Hotspot    42 °C
GPU Memory    44 °C
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB    34 °C
Cooling Fans    
CPU    1159 RPM
PCH    1985 RPM
Water Pump    3089 RPM
GPU    0 RPM  (42%)
GPU2    0 RPM  (42%)
Voltage Values    
CPU Core    1.416 V
+3.3 V    3.280 V
+5 V    5.020 V
+12 V    11.980 V
+3.3 V Standby    3.376 V
VBAT Battery    3.312 V
CPU VDD    1.450 V
CPU VDDNB    1.081 V
Battery    13.710 V
Battery Input    119.000 V
GPU Core    0.738 V
Current Values    
CPU VDD    39.49 A
CPU VDDNB    16.60 A
Power Values    
CPU Package    99.75 W
CPU VDD    57.26 W
CPU VDDNB    17.94 W
Battery    306.00 W
GPU    33.92 W
GPU TDP%    10%

------[ Motherboard Info ]------

Motherboard ID      : <DMI>
Motherboard Model   : Asus Prime X570-Pro
Motherboard Chipset : AMD Bixby X570, AMD K19.2 FCH, AMD K19.2 IMC

DMI MB Product      : PRIME X570-PRO
DMI MB Version      : Rev X.0x
DMI MB Serial       : 200771804400565
DMI SYS Manufacturer: System manufacturer
DMI SYS Product     : System Product Name
DMI SYS Version     : System Version
DMI SYS Serial      : System Serial Number
DMI BIOS Version    : 4403



debug dump.txt

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