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Disk Drives versus Drive Letters


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As a user for the last 6 months or so, I find it annoying (best description) regarding the use of Drive Numbers and Drive Letters with regard to the sensors. Some of the sensors (Utilization, Used Space, Free Space) use the drive name/letter (i.e. Drive C: Free Space). Other sensors you are required to select the drive number (i.e. Disk 9 Read Speed). Plus, the Drive Numbers don't match the ZERO based Windows drive numbers (first drive is drive ZERO, AIDA says first drive is Drive 1). My pea brain gets confused along the way and I have to constantly double check and correct for this offset. If I add a drive (heaven forbid) and it ends up being numbered between the existing drives (i.e. I have 10 drives, add a new one and it is assigned drive number 6) then ALL of my sensors from Drive 7 on have to be reassigned because the drive number previously assigned is now incorrect. This leads to a LOT of work for geeks and OCD guys like me.

None of the sensors that use Drive letters (i.e. Drive C) need to be edited, no matter their drive number.

This ZERO based issue happens in arrays as well when writing code. Easy to mess up stuff unless you are consistent.

So, whatcha think? Is this a reasonable request? Does this only apply to Windows based displays?



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