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Precision 3571 can't find RAM after running AIDA benchmark tool

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I bought Precision 3571 just 1 week ago. And I wanted to benchmark my laptop. So I used AIDA64 6.8. I read RAM information by clicking Motherboard->SPD item. After that I restarted my laptop and It didn't work normally. Let me explain in detail. 

1. It didn't boot the laptop and yellow and white led are blinking. (It means RAM error)
2. After a few seconds, it restarts the laptop automatically and enter to BIOS.
3. BIOS is showing warning message "Alert! No memory was detected on previous boot.". 
4. After I click continue, then the laptop works normally.

This issue is happening 100% every time after running AIDA->SPD. If I do shutdown instead of restart, the laptop can't start. It only starts after long pressing the power button (reset). 

Beside this AIDA issue my laptop is working well. Even other benchmark tools are working without any problem.

I have talked with Dell support and they said it is not their device or firmware issue. They suggested me to check with AIDA support.

Please help me check if this is really AIDA software issue or my laptop issue.

Thank you!
Best Regards

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