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1024x600 panels won't conform to 1024x600 Monitor


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New AIDA64 user here. 

This situation occurres on 2 different manufacturer's 1024x600 monitors. 

Upon trying about a dozen different shared and sample panels,
they all are about double the size of the external monitor, even though they have published specs as being "for" the 1024 x 600.  

Additionally, labels are out of place, and usually on top of
the icon meter, or each other.  Many of the fonts are way too big. 
For those sample and share panels that have fonts included, I did install them into Microsoft Windows.

On some of the 1064x600 panels, everything is scrambled all over the place. 

Sadly, search engine search results are elusive, toward identifying a solution for scaling, and font size and positions. I'm unable to find a panel preferences setting to fix, or I'm not looking in the right places. I tried quitting and re-opening ADIA64, but that didn't help.  

Any "how to" advice will be most graciously appreciated. 

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