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Sensory Panel - Help needed


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Hey all,

More of a actual monitor than AIDA issue.

So for the past 2 days I'm trying to set up a sensory panel for my PC but I cant get it to boot when the 2nd screen is connected. Hoping some one can make sense what is happening.

Bought this screen from eBay:
<<LINK>>  8.8" LCD Screen 1920*480 HDMI Secondary Display AIDA64 CPU GPU SSD Info Monitor
(bought the version with case)

I'm connecting the screen to my GPU via the included HDMI to Micro HDMI and the USB cable to the back IO of Motherboard.
When the screen is getting power while booting I'm getting black screen and motherboard shows VGA debug LED on and post code: 64 (CPU DXE initialization according to MB manual?
Screen works fine when I plug the power to it after system boots in to windows...

Main PC: 5800X3D, X570 Unify, EVGA 3080 FTW3, 32GB GSKILL Ram, Windows 10

Other observations and things I tried:

1. Using the screen on diffrent computer my old Intel I5-6600K and 1070 system - no issues there (Ryzen problem, integrated graphics or some kind of BIOS setting than?)
2. Different USB to Micro USB cable - same outcome (haven't tried different HDMI as don't have one on hand)
3. Powering screen from different power source (2nd computer) and having HDMI plugged in to main PC
4.All possible USB ports on main rig
5.Tested GPU HDMI port with different screen no issues there
6.Tried ErP mode enabled in BIOS to not provide power to screen while computer is off and have the screen start with PC - did not work

Bios updated less than a year ago and never had issues with MB (like the infamous x570 usb dropouts)

Hoping some one can help as I`m running out of ideas here....

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