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I wanted to check my power supply and wattage usage. I purchased a watt/ volt meter  i plug in the pc to the metrr then plug meter in wall electric outlet. It has peaked at close to 400 watts. So i decided to stress my system using AIDA64 SW. The system begins the test, then is unresponsive around 7 seconds into it. No mouse or keyboard and watts drop to 190. I have to manually restart the computer. My specs are asus rog 790 A, RTX 3080ti. 4 32 gb stcks of ram and 2 2tb ssdi. Corsair H100 AIO. Is there a setting I am missing or is this incompatible. I feel like i have wasted money. 


The AIDA64 program starts fine and I can download system info fine, the problem starts when I open tools, the run a "System stability test" It will begin the test and run for a few seconds before freezing my system. As I said, it freezes the keyboard, mouse and my power consumption drops.  I was using the trial version and it did this, so I assumed I needed the full version of it to run properly.

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