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Support for Farbwerk360 + OCTO Flow Sensor (High Flow 2)


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I have recently finished building my dual loop system that contains Aqua Computer's OCTO, Farbwerk360 and 2 x High Flow 2 flow sensors. I have connected a High Flow 2 to each controller. AIDA64 sensor list is not showing the flow meter attached to the Farbwerk360. The flow sensor connected to the OCTO is intermittently dropping off the sensor list momentarily. I also have a temperature probe attached to the Farbwerk360 that is reported in AIDA with no problems. Fans and temperature probes connected to the OCTO are reporting correctly in AIDA64.

The flow sensors connected to the Farbwerk360 and OCTO are reporting correctly in Aquasuite and HWInfo64. I assume it's a problem with AIDA64 polling these sensors, or have I missed a setting in AIDA to remedy this issue? Would really like the flow sensor readings available to display on my sensor panel!

AIDA64 Version 6.85.6300 (Full License)

Thank you for your time.




AIDA64 2.jpg


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