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System Stability Test Lowers DPC Latency (CPU Powersavings?)


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Hello all. Hope this is the right place to ask this. 

I found an interesting behavior, if you run a CPU stress test such as Aida64, your DPC latency goes down significantly (measured through LatencyMon).
On my system it goes from 0.27 > 0.16.
Not all stress tests do this, I've only found Aida64 and HeavyLoad to have this behavior.

This may be useful for real time tasks, games, audio, etc.

Anyone have a good idea or explanation of why this occurs?
Is this something that can be used without the stress test portion to improve DPC latency? I am guessing that the stress test possibly forces the CPU in a high performance state that shuts off some power saving features. But the question is - which ones?

For reference, I have the following:

-windows powerplan is maximized for performance using popular internet power plans
-all the hidden bios settings are tweaked as much as realistically possible using GRUB (C/P/T states off, eist/speedstep, me, etc)
-no core parking in Windows confirmed in taskmanager/corepark
-idle disabled


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