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Corsair XD7 Pump/Reservoir Combo + Corsair Fans Not Appearing

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I recently built a custom water cooling setup and am struggling a bit for configuring a sensor panel that will show me the pump speed for my Corsair XD7 Pump/Reservoir. I have enabled the Corsair boxes in the preferences in Aida 64 and I have the fan speed sensor connected to a Commander Pro. I also have 7 other fans in my PC, 6 of which are connected to a Commander Core XT thats part of my Corsair 5000T case and one additional one connected to another Commander Core XT. However, none of these fans appear in Aida 64, the only fans which appear in the Cooling Fans section are PCH, Chassis #2 (which is my Barrowch flow monitor), Power Supply, GPU, and GPU2 and in the Fan Speeds section it shows GPU and GPU2. My GPU is water cooled so I am not sure what sensors its actually pulling.

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