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AIDA64 Sensor helped me diagnose an issue - Thanks !!!


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Hi guys,

This isn't a question, but I just wanted to share my learnings from the last 48 hours - its a good news story, trust me !

I have been designing and building my new PC slowly over the last 3 years and it finally saw the light of day last month.

Part of my design was for a 7inch display to be used as a sensor panel mounted behind a suitable window in my case. After assembly I realised that the panel placement was not going to work and so it will now be externally mounted on my desk under my 2 monitors which is a much better solution.

So, yesterday I was starting to assemble some of the measures I want to keep track of on my panel and this has revealed a stability problem I have in my build which I was not aware of before playing with the panel. I added 2 RAM sensors to the display, mainly just to check that the clock speed is correct, I'm not too fussed about timings or voltages. What this has revealed is that I cannot run my RAM at the advertised speed of 3600MHz, I can only run it at its default speed of 2133MHz. AIDA64s Sensor panel, together with the System Stability test allowed me to do controlled testing of this scenario. I am running 4 sticks of 32GB RAM for 128G total and I do know that running 4 sticks can be problematic. (And Yes, I did buy 1 4stick kit, not try to mix and match 2 equivalently specced kits - I am aware of that issue!!!), but they do say that even if you buy a 4 stick kit it is still not guaranteed. This is why many top end OC boards only have 2 RAM slots.

So for now I am going to leave my RAM at 2133 as more RAM is more important to me than fast RAM.

Shout out to the guys at AIDA64 - this is an extremely robust product and as well as enabling huge flexibility in designing amazing panels (looking through the "Show your panel" thread shows some very talented folks out there, I am not that clever. In my case the panel is an invaluable debug tool that allowed me to zero in on, investigate and validate an issue that I didn't even know I had.

Well worth the money I paid for it - thanks guys.



P.S. It has now occurred to me that if I did start playing with RAM voltage, I might be able to get beyond 2133 and luckily the sensor panel can help me there too !!!!

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