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I want to insert weather information into the sensor panel...?


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I really doubt that you will get this functionality from Sensor Panel. Ambient room temperature might be a possibility if your motherboard has a sensor for that.

Weather is not really what AIDA64 is all about, In My Humble Opinion !!!!

I have a separate weather station panel. There is a unit that mounts outside in the garden and transmits data such as rainfall, temperature, wind direction etc to a panel inside which you can also connect to an online database. That might be your best bet - just my thoughts and definitely not a definitive answer !!!


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9 hours ago, SmartD0G said:

Came here to ask for exactly this! Weather - but I understand why Aida64 doesn't have that. It's a sensor panel FOR PC STATS. 

So my Q is... What app(s) are a decent alternative to Aida64 where you can add non-pc like stats to a panel in a way that Aida lays it all out? 

There was a post here in the last couple of days from someone who found a Windows app he thought was "better" than AIDA64 and he posted a link. Given that this is an AIDA specific forum, I'm not sure I would want to fall foul of the mods for pushing a competing product though :rolleyes: Google is your friend !

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