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DIMM Temperature shows real?

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Here I ask for help: pls. refer to attached 3 pictures:

  1. I did enable DIMM thermal snsor support under "Stability"
  2. but it says Thermal Sensor Not present under SPD
  3. However, in "System Stability Test" chart, there is a DIMM temperature trend. Only one though, I have two Hynix 16G 2400 DDR4 memory sticks.

The question would be:

  1. where this DIMM temperature reading comes from?
  2. Is it one of two memory sticks or, add together?

Background: My laptop is Dell Precision 5520. When I play some game, it jumps up to above 100 degree C freqently. Meanwhile, cooling fan runs noisy though temp. of GPU/CPU ~60 degree C. Curious cooling fan with heatsink is far away from DIMM. How could it react so fast? Here is the picture of my laptop. I guess, the DIMM temperature actually shows perhaps GPU/CPU or somewhere else? However, it can't explain, after put some silica thermal pad between Hynix memory stick and metal back cover, Aida64 shows DIMM temperature indeed dropping ~10 degree C, play same game.

So I am pretty confused and have to come here ask for help. Thanks experts who can give a hand!





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