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2 questions as new sensorpanel creator


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So i'm currently making my own panel which is almost finished, i would like to share it with you all afterwards, however my panel is made in the LCD menu, and i can import and export .belcd files but not .sensorpanel like most people are using, how would i go about that so my first release is not a complete screw up?

2. any easy ways without using rainmeter to make something animated? What sensor do most people use to consistenly fake an animation? I know how to animate or make custom gauges so thats not the issue but as gifs are not supported i would like to find a workaround that does not need a 3rd party app. (trying to add a spinning fan in my design)

edit: also is there a list somewhere with all the macros/variables available currently? Like $MOBOMODEL or $CPUMODEL i have seen like the same 8 or something but there's probably more.

Thanks in advance!

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