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Aquasuite (from Aquacomputer) - Using software-sensor and playground values in my AIDA64 Sensor panel


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Hi there,


I am trying to get data from Aquasuite into my Sensor Panel.

Aquasuite is the software used to control the water cooling components from Aquacomputer, a german company specialized in that area.

The new versions of Aquasuite have very advanced controlling options. You are able to create "Software-sensors", which means you can take any available sensor value (e.g. from HWINFO64) and inject that value into Aquasuite using a software-sensor.

On top of that there is a "Playground" functionality in Aquasuite that allows one to use any sensor value or software-sensor value and use basic operations with it. So I can calculate averages, I can do deltas of temperatures, all very usefull to control a water cooling loop. I use water temperature above room temperature to control the fans on my radiators. This way I can compensate for increased room temperature after several hours of gaming.


In AIDA64 I am able to use all available sensor values from Aquasuite and use them in my Sensor Panel. However the SOFTWARE-SENSORS and the PLAYGROUND-VALUES are not shown. The Aquasuite software rights all values to WMI. They show them in their list of available sensor, but AIDA64 does not pick up on them.

Am I missing some configuration that would allow that to work? Or is that something that can be added to AIDA64?


I have another minor problem that I would like to share here. I cannot find FRAMETIMES and 1% framerate low coming from RivaTunner to use in my Sensor Panel. It only shows the FPS value.



Thanks in advance for all that help!

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