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NIC numbering


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When I want to add a graph for monitoring the network, I can select between sensors named "NIC1" and so on. In my case, I have NIC1 up to NIC8.

When I look in the main GUI under Network -> Windows Network, there are, not surprisingly, eight network adapters.

My question is, can I trust the ordering of the adapters will stay the same?

It seems to be that, on my system, NIC4 is primary network interface on my motherboard (and the rest are Hyper-V, VPN, Bluetooth etc).  If I create a sensor panel with NIC4, will I have to update the panel everytime "something" changes and AIDA64 decides to reorder the adapters?

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If your using the Ethernet Index number there a good chance it will change. Just depends on how much you much you manipulate the installed devices.  Uninstalling it or re-installing it are good ways to force a index number change. I think some driver updates monkey with it as well.  I recently found my self fighting with windows over what type of network connection it was, and during the process something I did in moving it from public to domain or private caused the index number to change again. 

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