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Unexplained PC Performance Issue - Need Help with AIDA64

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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am new to this forum and I would need some advice regarding a problem I am encountering with my PC.

I have a personal computer that is primarily used for gaming and video editing. Until recently, everything was working perfectly, but for the past few weeks, I have been noticing a significant slowdown. My favorite video games are stuttering and video editing has become a real chore.

In order to understand where the problem was coming from, I decided to use AIDA64 to examine the performance of my PC. I checked all the components: CPU, GPU, memory, SSD, etc. To my great surprise, no apparent failures were detected.

Despite this, performance issues persist. So, I decided to dig deeper. and came across this very informative article on how to test your PC's performance.

This article also recommended using AIDA64 for a more detailed analysis, which I did. The results were similar to my first analysis with AIDA64, showing that all components seemed to be working properly.

Despite this, my PC's performance issues persist and I'm really out of ideas. I can't understand what is causing these problems.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever encountered this kind of problem, or has suggestions on what I could try next? I'm open to any suggestions and thank you in advance for your help.

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