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13900k Wattage Climbs up then drops down


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Hi all,

I have a 13900k on a Maximus Z790 Hero. I have the sensor panel monitoring CPU wattage and have noticed during idle or just while browsing the internet, the wattage slowly climbs from ~30, then to 60, then to 100, etc... finally maxes out around ~330-340 then drops back down again to ~30 (GIF attached). The utilization stays steady at 1% and the temperature does not fluctuate much either. I used HWMonitor and on there it never goes above ~60. It's almost as if it's accumulating the wattage lol. Guessing this is not normal?

CPU Wattage Label.png

CPU Wattage Loop.gif

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12 hours ago, Apkinu.com said:

I have noticed an intriguing issue with my system. While monitoring CPU wattage using a sensor panel, I observed a gradual increase from around 30 to 330-340 before dropping back down to 30, despite low utilization and stable temperatures. HWMonitor reports wattage below 60. Could you kindly explain this anomaly? Thank you for your assistance.

Are you selecting "CPU" or "CPU Package"?

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