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car/truck digital dash - Intellitronix / Dakota - design idea start ?


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Well, I decided to try it myself, new. I'm better at modifying other peoples creations.
This is a good start, all gauges do work, but probably need some tweaking....
Gauges are from someones 'BlueSky600x1024' panel, I re-sized & changed colors.
New mod changes welcome, needs nice bezel/frame around the instrument cluster (from somebody). ** WIP -- Intellitronix bargraph gauge inspired design.


1965 Chevy truck digital dash

1967 Chev Impala digital dash
1966 Chevelle digital dash (surprise custom)

65 Chev truck digital.jpg

67 Chev Impala digital.jpg

66 Chevelle digital.jpg

67 Chev Impala 4.sensorpanel 65 Chev truck.sensorpanel 66 Chevelle 2.sensorpanel

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And another most-of-the-day wasted.... hehehe
This is almost working, just tweak a bit more for your system.
I used parts of other panels, resized/colored bargraphs & bargauges.
Needs more finishing touches, a bezel/frame for instrument cluster, and something neat on bottom half of panel -- not clutter crap   ;) _ 1024 x approx 600 (bottom can be cut off)
1968 Chev Impala custom retro digital dash

68 Impala custom charcoal.jpg

68 Impala custom retro silver.jpg

68 Impala custom retro _charcoal.sensorpanel 68 Impala custom retro _silver.sensorpanel

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