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VRAM Utilization - When using Multiple GPUs (not on board) wrong gpu monitored.


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So kinda an odd one and I cannot for the life of me find a fix and all my searching comes up with nothing outside editing vram usages in windows.

Really I’d hope it’d be easy but not sure if it’s an AIDA issue or M$. But here it is.. I have 2 GPUs in the same system. Both are nvidia a 3080 ti and 1050 ti. All I want is the VRAM utilization to target the 3080 instead of the 1050. There doesnt seem to be a vram usage per gpu in AIDA from what I can see, and can’t find a way to change the monitored card. When the 1050 is removed it reverts to the 3080, when 1050 is in it targets that. I can see VRAM utilization in other apps like fpsVR and of course windows manager. I’d ideally like to see the vram used / free for the 3080 instead of the 1050 as the the 1050 just handles supplemental monitors.


Thanks in advance!

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