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Adding more memory has caused issues during testing.


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Motherboard: MSI B560M WiFi Mortar
Memory: Kingston DDR4 3200 8GBx2 (Previously overclocked to 3600)
CPU: Intel i5-10400F
GPU: GTX 4070

The system was running stable until recently when I encountered a shortage of memory while using some office software. To address this, I added Kingston HyperX 3600 8GBx2 modules. However, after installing the new RAM, the system wouldn't boot, and the BIOS was reset. I removed the new RAM modules and reconfigured the BIOS settings according to the previous setup.

I then ran tests using AIDA64 and found that the results (as seen in the screenshot) were significantly lower compared to the testing I performed before installing the new RAM. The read/write speeds were only around 10000, with a latency of 50. Before the new RAM installation, the speeds were consistently over 40000 with a latency of 50.

Interestingly, the tests only returned to normal when I disabled CPU virtualization in the BIOS. However, I've always had this feature enabled.

Could you please help me understand why the new RAM installation caused these issues and why I had to disable CPU virtualization to achieve normal test results?



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