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Vertical label/value options


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I would like to make the suggestion to enable vertical orientations for the label/value options - for instance, one of my drafts has multiple vertical bars for the pump/fan speeds and the labels are making this section unneccesary wide - being able to rotate the labels and value would reduce the needed width greatly.
The cherry on top would be if we're able to place the value inside the bar and have the colour adapt to the background - say, if the bar is light grey and the background of the bar dark grey, the value-colour should be inverted to the actual background; then the text in front of the bar would be dark grey and the part in front of the background is light grey.

As English isn't my native language and I tend to write in a confusing manner I attached a picture to explain what I wish for.

Best regards

aida64 - vertical labels and values.png

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