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Aida 64 crashes pc and forces praphics driver reinstall.


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So i have installed a sensor panel about a month ago. and ever since i have been running aida 64 on the panel, after basiclly exaclty one hour of gaming, my fps suddenly drop to around 2 and a few seconds later my entire system is frozen. I then am forced to shut my pc down via holding the power button... after turning my pc back on, i have to reinstall graphics drivers, to be able to use my additonal monitor, aswell as game. this only happens, when aida 64 is running. I tested with 3 diffrent monitors, and also lots of diffrent cables. But weirdly everything is perfectly fine without aida64 open. pls help. Is it perhaps a setting ot smth.? this is honestly almost a scam considering just how much aida64 extreme costs. 

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