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CPU temperatures for Ryzen 7 7800X3D on MSI X670E Carbon WIFI


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Just built a system based on cpu/mobo mentioned on title and I've found out that the temperature AIDA64 is reading for CPU Diode is the maximum of the n available thermal sensors on the CPU and not the average one.
Is there a way to have two separate sensor readings for CPU Diode, one for Tjmax and one for Tavg -if it is available on ISA Dump ?
Also, per core temperature will be a good feature to have.
Usually the difference between them is a ~10oC on idle. (ex. Tjmax 69oC, Tavg 60oC)

Both of features are available on other applications (ex. HWINFO, AMD Ryzen Master )

Thank you.

PS. Latest AMD Chipset drivers set is installed, if it matters for reading the sensors.


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