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[Solved] New external SSD not showing in Gadget items


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Hello all, 

In my Win 10 computer, I have three internal hard drives and an external one.

I use AIDA64 desktop gadget support to monitor the temperatures of my hard drives (among other things). It works very well.

I recently replaced my old WD external hard drive for a new SanDisk external SSD (on the same USB port).

The new SSD seems to be well recognized by Aida, but it doesn't appear in the "Gadget items" list (in the Aida preferences). Nor does appear in the desktop gadget.
The desktop gadget (and the "Gadget items" list) do show my three internal hard drives, but not the new external SSD.

I reiterate that it worked fine with my previous external hard drive plugged into the same USB port. I could see 4 hard drives in all.

In the AIDA interface, I can see the new external SSD, but it doesn't appear as a Gadget item.

Do you have any idea how I can get AIDA to add it to the "Gadget items" list?

Thanks to all.

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I've made some progress since yesterday.

My external SSD (SanDisk Extreme) has no SMART data. This certainly explains why Aida doesn't see it in the temperature settings.

In addition, the SSD does not appear in the UEFI.

I don't think Aida64 can do anything about it.

Thanks anyway for your thoughts,

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